Large Business Loans

Large Business Loans is a business finance funding option for those looking to secure between $500,000 up to $30M. These are term loans. These large scale business loans can range from short term (a year or two) to three to six years.

What Companies Qualify for Large Business Loans

  • Minimum annual revenue from between $2M to well over $10M in revenue.
  • Time in business at least two years
  • Personal credit scores in the mid-600’s or better

Large Business Loans Profile and Large Business Loan Requirements



  • Amount of Money – Loan Amounts up to $30M
  • Senior Secured 1st Lien Debt Financing
  • 6 – 72 Months Term Loans – Monthly Payments with Fixed Rates
  • Flexible Terms with Competitive Pricing vs the Competition
  • Business Lines of Credit
  • Interest Rates for Business Loan – Single Digits to Mid-Teens


  • Working Capital
  • Unsecured Business Loans – Cash Flow Loans
  • Collateral Loan
  • Growth Capital
  • Revolving Line of Credit
  • Consolidations and Debt Consolidation
  • Buyouts
  • Large Business Acquisition Loans
  • Accounts Receivable Financing and Invoice Factoring
  • Equipment Financing & Equipment Loans **Not for Startup Business Loans


  • Strong Management Team
  • Growing and Expanding Business
  • Minimum Time in Business – 2 Years
  • Revenues Growing with Strong Positive Trends
  • Strong Financials with Strong Financial Controls
  • Realistic Growth Plan
  • U.S. Based Business
  • B2B, B2C, Ecommerce, Medical, Business Services, Manufacturing, Consumer, Tech Services
Large Business Loans


Checking eligibility will not effect credit score.


  • 3 Years Business Tax Returns
  • Year to Date Financials
  • Current Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Reports
  • Pro Forma Projections if Available
Large Business Loans


Checking eligibility will not effect credit score.

Securing a bank capital loan or even SBA loans is challenging for many small to mediums sized companies. Although the SME market makes up approximately one-third of the country’s private sector gross domestic product and generates almost $6 trillion in revenue, capital is scarce.
A bank loan for business in this middle tier of $2M to $100M in annual revenue is puzzling for many business enterprises, their owners and executive teams.

At Wise Business Loans, we believe this segment of the marketplace is largely underserved when looking for a capital business loan. Since 2011, more than 50% of all new jobs were created by this large economic sector and represents 25% of the workplace.


Why is it so difficult to get business funding? Part of the issue is a combination of consolidation in commercial banking along with the heavy handiness of Dodd-Frank regulations.
The crux of the issue is that banks, credit unions and traditional business lenders do not have the motivation and incentive to make cash flow-based commercial loans. Even the best banks for small business loans no longer consider non-collateralized business loans to companies that generate a few million to $100M a year.

Changes in Business and Alternative Lenders

You have probably noticed non-bank lenders have multiplied over the past 10 years. After the economic implosion in 2005 – 2008 alternative lenders, or fintech as it’s commonly called, rushed in to quench the need for business funding.

As business owners, how do you distinguish between the more than 1,000 online lenders? Many of these funding options offer little more than large commercial loan interest rates that approach high double digits with very short terms. Or they push merchant cash advances a cash advance and bad credit loans. If you’re not looking for commercial real estate loans or a commercial mortgage, you’re out of luck.

At Wise Business Loans we thoroughly understand the process of securing a business loan. We know that financing through these alternative lenders can be both burdensome and unproductive for you the borrower.
Moving Your Business Forward

Wise Business Loans is positioned to help you move your business forward. We’ve built the technology that enables us to be fast and priced competitively. Our technology is combined with years of successful business ownership and entrepreneurial experience.
We know the what your industry requires. We have the expertise and provide to you an experienced lending professional. We strongly believe that financing a business will always be based on a relationship and not technology. It’s for this reason we meld our dynamic scoring matrix and decisioning with a personal one-on-one approach that wants to hear and understand your story. Tell us by APPLYING NOW or calling 888.331.8926.

Large Business Loans


Checking eligibility will not effect credit score.

Success Stories

Nelson Darwood, CEO
National Fitness Systems

Denver, CO

5 Star Rating!

Nelson founded a technology software company in 2008. The company’s business revolved around designing and implementing software for the fitness industry. This was a turnkey software program that helped manage any fitness facility from membership to payments and collections.


Getting bank loans or financing can be a huge headache.…
For one thing, you are swamped with so much paperwork and documentation it’s a wonder if you have enough time to run your business.

According to Nelson, he feels banks are notoriously slow and unresponsive. Plus, banks never seem willing to actually lend money. As a result, even NFS had multiple bank lines of credit, they really didn’t want the bank in their new business venture.

Fortunately, as Nelson told us, “I found a better way…”

Wise Business Loans is an online lender who offers large business loans up to $30M in a fast and efficient manner.…so you can relax, knowing you’ve left your working capital needs to the experts.

With Wise Business Loans, we understand the challenges of cash flow management especially when you’re positioned to grow or expand fast. We’ll get to know your business and financing option needs as we look to build a long-term relationship. The idea is to provide you with more money at better rates and terms.

You can focus on running your business and not be at the beck and call of bankers who think they understand your company better than you do. But perhaps the best thing of all is that we we’re fast and easy with minimal paperwork and time needed to get to a “Yes” decision.


“When I first heard about the large business loans at Wise Business Loans, I was skeptical. I was concerned that they would not be able to compete with the bank lines of credit I had. I thought the rates would be too high. I also didn’t think they could get me the money I needed quickly.

Fortunately, I moved forward, and I loved the results. I was pleasantly surprised at the level of professionalism and understanding. The process was relatively fast and easy, especially compared to my bank. I feel so relieved since I discovered this funding option.”

“I love this commercial loan option, because it’s fast and easy. The underwriting process is simplified. They requested a one-page loan application, a few months of bank account statements and basic financials I pulled from my accounting software. The key for me is that I didn’t want my bank involved, although I already had two large lines of credit. Not only did I get funded, but I was also able to reborrow several more times to keep growing and expanding. ”

These business loans are responsible for my new project’s success. I was able to borrow $1.2M on my first loan. Nine months later I re-borrowed $550K, 7 months later another $600K and 6 months later $800K, all with better rates and terms. This fit in perfectly with our business plans.

Over $3M within two years. The renewal process was even easier. All we had to do is update some of our financials and provide recent bank statements. No major hoops to jump through and no long drawn out decisions. Typically funded within a day or two of my requests.”

Ed Bailey, CFO
National Fitness Systems
Denver, CO

“As CFO it was incumbent upon me to find a real solution and get access to a large business loan. Honestly, I was almost embarrassed making the call not to mention I was skeptical calling a “nonbank.” however, they made me feel confident that they could provide a solution.

The results were amazing! One thing I really liked was they got it. They understood the real issues working with a big bank. Compared to the process of getting approved by our bank this was a breeze.

If you’re a growing business that’s cash strapped and you are looking for the best large business loans, in my opinion, you can do no wrong by working with Wise Business Loans to get a large commercial loan with highly competitive interest rates and terms!”

To learn how Wise Business Loans business finance can provide the working capital and access to future funding, speak to one of our funding specialists by calling 888.331.8926 or APPLY NOW.

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Tri Commercial, Inc.

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I couldn't have done it without you!"

Chad H.
C. H. Construction

What We Offer

We can have your complete loan approval back to you the same day and the money in your bank account in just 24 to 48 hours. Compared to conventional loans from commercial banking it can take several weeks (or months!) to get approved and funded.


  • Strong Management Team
  • Growing and Expanding Business
  • Minimum Time in Business – 2 Years
  • Revenues Growing with Strong Positive Trends
  • Strong Financials with Strong Financial Controls
  • Realistic Growth Plan
  • U.S. Based Business
  • B2B, B2C, Ecommerce, Medical, Business Services, Manufacturing, Consumer, Tech Services

100% Transparency

Our experts use transparent and friendly conversation to solve all of the difficulties including plans concerning your small business loan. We make sure that you know precisely everything you’re getting into before you get into it. That’s what we call transparency and growth!

Easy to qualify

Get approval in a matter of hours and see the money in your account as fast as one day later. We are committed to helping small businesses achieve long term goals and we want to see entrepreneurs get their businesses where they want them to be.


  • Minimum loan amount is $10,000
  • Same day business loans up to $50K
  • Next day funding up to $150K
  • Need more money? We go up to $5M.

Easy To Qualify

Our professionals use clear and approachable language to explain all of the intricacies and policies of our small business funding. You know exactly what you’re getting into before you get into it. Now that’s transparency!

Our Passion

We love small businesses that want to grow but need just a little help to get started. Funding is the best way to better your business for the future. We enjoy tackling the better issue facing small businesses today. While we grow together we honor your achievements.

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Large Business Loans


Checking eligibility will not effect credit score.

To repay the loan depends on the health of your business and cash flow. Payments are made each day you batch your credit card receipts with our cash advances. Our installment loans get repaid with daily, weekly or monthly payments.

Wise Business Loans Offers Best Rates with a $500 Guarantee:

At Wise Business Loans, we believe you should “put your money where your mouth is.”

If your business receives a written offer in a formal agreement before you funding, show us that offer. We will either beat that rate or pay you $500.

  • Must provide us a written agreement.
  • Type of Loan (i.e., Business vs. Personal or Equipment Lease vs. Term Loan, etc.) must be similar.
  • The duration of a loan must be similar (if Wise Business Lons offers an 18-month loan vs. six-month loans from the competitor, we will adjust our term to reflect rate on six months).
  • If the competing rate is lower than the Wise Business Lons offer and the terms are comparable, (and there are no other materially different loan terms), we will either beat that rate of pay you the $500.
Large Business Loans


Checking eligibility will not effect credit score.