Unsecured Business Loans

Unsecured Business Loans do not require a you to put up any cash, collateral or assets to secure a term business loan. Banks and traditional lending institutions typically require you to secure your loan with either cash or assets, including personal property and automobiles. Generally, they require three dollars in collateral for every one dollar you look to borrow. If you ask me, if you had the additional three dollars in collateral you wouldn’t need the loan. Naturally, most business owners do not have the assets. If they do, they can hardly risk losing them. Our goal at Wise Business Loans is to make the process as easy as possible for our business owners. We consider far more than your personal credit score and collateral or assets.

The application is a simple one-page questionnaire that can be completed in less than 5 minutes. Find out how easy it is to score an unsecured business loan.

You're 5 minutes away from a loan approval.

Remember, there is no cost or obligation to apply!

Business Loan Application

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What We Offer

We can have your complete loan approval back to you the same day and the money in your bank account in just 24 to 48 hours. Compared to conventional loans from commercial banking it can take several weeks (or months!) to get approved and funded.

100% Transparency

Our experts use transparent and friendly conversation to solve all of the difficulties including plans concerning your small business loan. We make sure that you know precisely everything you’re getting into before you get into it. That’s what we call transparency and growth!

Easy to qualify

Get approval in a matter of hours and see the money in your account as fast as one day later. We are committed to helping small businesses achieve long term goals and we want to see entrepreneurs get their businesses where they want them to be.


  • Minimum loan amount is $10,000
  • Same day business loans up to $50K
  • Next day funding up to $150K
  • Need more money? We go up to $5M.

Easy To Qualify

Our professionals use clear and approachable language to explain all of the intricacies and policies of our small business funding. You know exactly what you’re getting into before you get into it. Now that’s transparency!

Our Passion

We love small businesses that want to grow but need just a little help to get started. Funding is the best way to better your business for the future. We enjoy tackling the better issue facing small businesses today. While we grow together we honor your achievements.

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Unsecured Business Loans


Checking eligibility will not effect credit score.

To repay the loan depends on the health of your business and cash flow. Payments are made each day you batch your credit card receipts with our cash advances. Our installment loans get repaid with daily, weekly or monthly payments.

Wise Business Loans Offers Best Rates with a $500 Guarantee:

At Wise Business Loans, we believe you should “put your money where your mouth is.”

If your business receives a written offer in a formal agreement before you funding, show us that offer. We will either beat that rate or pay you $500.

  • Must provide us a written agreement.
  • Type of Loan (i.e., Business vs. Personal or Equipment Lease vs. Term Loan, etc.) must be similar.
  • The duration of a loan must be similar (if Wise Business Lons offers an 18-month loan vs. six-month loans from the competitor, we will adjust our term to reflect rate on six months).
  • If the competing rate is lower than the Wise Business Lons offer and the terms are comparable, (and there are no other materially different loan terms), we will either beat that rate of pay you the $500.
Unsecured Business Loans


Checking eligibility will not effect credit score.