Why Choose Wise Business Loans

Why Choose
Wise Business Loans?

Wise Business Loans is a nonbank online lender that issue small business loans competing with banks loans. Online business lenders are also called online “alternative” or “fintech” business finance lenders.

As such we are a small boutique lender with a growing market share of total small-business lending industry. Our business funding is a growing source of business capital and financing options for small businesses in all 50 states. Traditional lenders and traditional bank loans focus more on the personal loan and personal finance vs business capital loans.

As an online lender, we apply data and analytical driven scoring matrix and innovative technology to facilitate our underwriting process. There is a de-emphasis on personal credit and your personal credit score. More emphasis is placed on time in business, cash flow, and business credit.

We believe our funding options provide us with highly competitive pricing, rates and loan repayment terms with minimal paperwork and an affordable loan payment schedule. Our small business loans also serves to strengthen our servicing and the distributing of timely capital to the business owners nationwide. We offer a few business loan programs to businesses that range in annual revenue from several hundred thousand a year to $20 million. These include Fast Business Loans, Unsecured Business Loans, Large Business Loans, and Merchant Cash Advances.

Loan amounts can range from $10,000 to $2 million. Term loans can be short term to up to two years. Unlike bank funding, a loan request can be funded in one business day.

Our Team

Small Business and Technology Experience – Our team of seasoned professionals has the knowledge and experience to answer the needs of entrepreneurs. We forecast based on the success of small businesses, with a unique approach proven to be highly predictive of actual risk. This means a higher approval rate and broader range of offers for our customers. 3 out of 4 customers return 2 – 3 times a year. To us this only means one thing – it works!

Mark J. Kane is a successful entrepreneur, author, speaker and small business owner. His first foray into business was after spending 17 years in the investment banking industry. His first company was a nationwide direct sales organization. He personally recruited, trained and developed over 1,000 sales reps in the United States and within 6 months he personally produced over $3 million in sales.

In the late ‘90’s, Mr. Kane created what became the 350th most visited web site on the Internet (behind USA Today and in front of Oprah Winfrey). This led to the creation of a software company with experienced search engine specialists, high-quality website designers, advanced developers and programmers, and Internet marketing consultants.

At that time Mr. Kane didn’t even know that business credit existed. As a small business owner, he personally guaranteed everything because he thought that’s the way it was done. He even prided himself on how well he did it while growing his Internet marketing business with a $5,000 line of credit on his American Express and playing the 30-day float. Over time, he was regularly spending $300,000 a month on that card – every month! If anything went wrong the expenses would have crushed him. Mr. Kane didn’t have that kind of money to cover the costs! Fortunately, he was lucky enough to avoid disaster and successfully sold the business.

By the early 2000’s, he successfully purchased and sold two check cashing and payday advance stores building the revenues by over 100% in less than 18 months. He then took the knowledge he acquired from his Internet business and combined it with the small consumer loan business and created a lending platform that did $18 million a year business in its first year alone, giving small short-term loans to consumers. His platform was reviewing almost 10,000 applications daily and proprietary black box matrix decisioning enabled decisions to lend in under 5 seconds.

In order to fund this fledgling lending business, he needed $1 million in financing. The only way he could get financing was through a hedge fund. He’ll never forget the principle officer of the hedge fund asking him this question…

“Are you willing to give me your home, if you fail?”

What was Mr. Kane going to say? He had to say “yes”. What choice did he have?

Mr. Kane can’t tell you how many times he woke up at 2 or 3 o’clock in the morning with the sheets soaking wet because he was sweating over whether he could make that month’s payment thinking about what if … What if the marketing doesn’t work this month? What if we’re off in our projections? What if something happens in the market we have no control over?

Mr. Kane doesn’t mind telling you he was nervous. It wasn’t that the business might fail. That’s tough enough to think about losing. He was afraid to lose the roof over his head too. And risk his family’s income!

It was from this business in which Mr. Kane, along with his wife, Vivian Kane, created Wise Business Loans – a boutique lending company that specializes in helping business owners get unsecured business loans based upon the health of their business and get the funding they need to finance their businesses without sacrificing their personal credit or assets. He took his first-hand knowledge of successfully building and selling his consumer loan platform and transferred that knowledge to the small business loan market.

Most small to mid-sized business owners can’t take the time to wait for banks, because they literally need 23 different documents, including current financials like balance sheets and P&L’s, the last 3 years of personal and business tax returns, personal guarantees, collateral or assets and high personal credit score.

Whether it’s an emergency or great business opportunity, Wise Business Loans can provide you with the capital to help your business grow and expand. Bank funding could take 30 to 90 days to secure, while WBL offers immediate access to funds in a day or two when they’re needed.

Reviewing the applications of thousands of business since inception and speaking to the business owners with loan approvals has provided deep insights into what works. The key with this this program is that the owners get the funding and access to capital they need to be successful. Since Wise Business Loans gives businesses an opportunity to grow and expand – no one can argue with that.

Mr. Kane graduated with honors and holds a BA from the University of Massachusetts and a MA from the University of Chicago.

Wise Business Loans wants to cause a significant increase in the rate of business success.


Most entrepreneurs and business owners have the same challenges. These hard-working Americans can hardly afford to wait for traditional banks and credit unions to make credit decisions on their business loan requests. The major reason is that these financial institutions require an extraordinary amount of paperwork, including years of financials, tax returns, personal guarantees, collateral and high credit.


The challenge facing the main street mom and pop shops to the mid-sized wholesalers, manufacturers, retailers and construction companies, is that these entrepreneurs and small to medium sized business owners do not know where to go when traditional banks cannot fund their loan requests for working capital. These SMB’s desperately want to expand their businesses or better manage their cash flow.

Loan Amounts From
$10K - $2MWorking Capital

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Our Goal Is Simple

Reduce the number of failures. It’s that simple. The objective is to positively impact the survival rate and success rate of Main Street small businesses in America.

WBL’s mission is to provide businesses with the capital to achieve financial success resulting in long-term access to capital and the ability to create wealth for the business owners and their employees.

What We Offer

Transparent and fair costs, with no hidden fees.
We will Beat any Loan, any Rate and any Term – GUARANTEED

What Business Loans Are the Best? You want to make sure your online lender doesn’t crush your cash flow with high rates and fees. Nor do you want them to stifle your ability to get working capital. The growth of your company must not be impeded or be controlled by the standard orthodox thinking.

The business lender that’s right for you will find a way to make a loan happen. Banks will zero in on the 5 “C’s”; character, capacity, capital, conditions and collateral.

The business forward thinking lenders like Wise Business Loans provide business loan alternatives and we know there is a small business loan suitable for almost any business, regardless of size, type, and organization.

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